For issuance of an academic transcript and certificate of graduation, you need to request to the Academic Affairs Office of AGU.

There are two options:

  1. To request thorough designated representative* in Japan or;
  2. To request by post from overseas

The request by phone/FAX/E-mail is not acceptable.
Issuance fee is 400 yen per certificate.

The following items should be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office of AGU;

To request thorough an attorney* in Japan

*Person authorized by you to process. It can be your friend.

  1. Request form
  2. Issuance fee
  3. Postage (if receiving certificates by post)
  4. Copy of your passport
  5. ID of an attorney (passport, driver’s license or national health Insurance card. Copy may be accepted if making a request by post)
  6. Letter of attorney

To request by post from overseas

  1. Request form
  2. International Reply Coupon for issuance fee and postage*
    (One coupon is equivalent to 130 yen. Please make sure to enclose the necessary amount)
    If the coupon above is not available, use International Postal Money Order (be aware that the exchange rate changes frequently. Make sure to include adequate amount of money order)
  3. Copy of your passport

Request form and Letter of attorney

Please find attached the Request form and Letter of attorney (example).

*Weight of one copy of certificate is under 25g.
Please check postage at the Japan Post website:

Please submit the above documents to:
Academic Affairs Department
Certificate section
Aoyama Gakuin University
4-4-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8366, Japan

If you’d like the certificates in a sealed envelope to be directly sent from AGU to the institution by registered mail, please enclose necessary postage (by International Reply Coupon) and indicate such intention in the request form with full mailing address.

Also, make sure to provide the full address of the recipient (legibly written on a separate sheet).

As a general rule, issuance of English certificate is after 4 working days upon your application but it may take more than 1 week, it depends on that summary of certificates.

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