Student Life at Aoyama

Student Accommodation

The program secures accommodation for overseas students so that they can concentrate on their studies.

Currently, student residences are located in Tokyo. Students are living in a shared house, a private apartment, and a residence for international students. However, the location of residence may be changed depending on the condition of each year.

Student commuter pass: 3,550 yen/per month ~ 10,940 yen/ per month. Price of the monthly pass differs depending on the route distance of your travel.

Rent furniture: In case student residence is not fully furnished you can rent some furniture (ex, desk +chair, bed, microwave, etc). Approximate cost 20,000 yen ~30,000 yen for a year.

Daily Supports

SMIPRP Graduate Student Study Room and Office

The SMIPRP graduate students receive a space for their research and study on campus. The staff members are responsible for supporting students and their transition into new academic and socio-cultural lives at Aoyama Gakuin University.

Office services include:

-Arranging visa-related matters
-Coordinating housing and accommodation during students' study in Japan
-Supporting students with issues related to daily living
-Assisting students with answering questions about academic support services available at the University
-Organizing post-arrival and pre-departure orientations.
-Planning a few social activities and events to explore the local Japanese culture.

Student Center

The Student Center is located on the second (2) Floor of Building #17, and the staff members in the School of Business division within the Academic Affairs Department assist the students with issues related to registering for courses, providing students' final grades, and issuing other academic certificates and documents. We recommend the students to consult with one of the staff members within the School of Business division within the Student Center whenever they need help with these kinds of issues.

Aoyama Global Business Institute

Modern business activities are conducted on a global scale that literally goes beyond national borders. For this reason, business research must inevitably be conducted from an international perspective. The Aoyama Institute of Global Business was established to conduct research on corporate management from this perspective.

As you might expect, study at the School of Business requires in-depth research into various fields related to business including the specialized fields of management, accounting, commerce, marketing, communications, distribution, and finance. If adopting a global and holistic vertical perspective is central to the study of business, then these specialized fields of study may be said to fall within relevant horizontal domains. It is expected that the School of Business interdisciplinary research will produce important findings that will be recognized internationally as it combines both sides of a global, holistic perspective and specialized fields in an integrated way to look at business administration. The Aoyama Institute of Global Business holds the full range of materials needed for business research, including Japanese and international academic journals covering almost every area of business administration. Students at the School of Business are also free to browse the collection.

The International Exchange Center

AGU has offered international education since its founding by missionaries from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. The International Exchange Center organizes a number of cultural activities and social events throughout the year to provide international students with opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture and to socialize with local students outside the classrooms.

Student Health Center

The on-campus Health Management Center offers health consultations as well as medical examinations. An annual medical examination is required for all students. The Health Management Center also handles acute medical problems; in the case of mental problems or social adjustment issues, our full-time counselor at the Student Counseling Center provides personal consultations, with English-speaking counselors available on demand.

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